+ What are the ideal conditions for earthworms to thrive in a worm farm?

+ Wat is die ideale toestande vir erdwurms in 'n wurmplaas?

+ How often should I feed my earthworms?

+ Hoe gereeld moet die erdwurms gevoer word?

+ What do earthworms eat?

+ Wat eet erdwurms?

+ What should I not feed the earthworms?

+ Wat eet erdwurms nie?

+ Should the earthworms be watered?

+ Moet die erdwurms water kry?

+ What products can I harvest from a worm farm?

+ Watse produkte voorsien 'n wurmplaas?

+ What are the benefits of earthworms in my garden?

+ Wat is die voordele van erdwurms in my tuin?

+ How should I use the vermitea?

+ Hoe gebruik ek wurmtee in my tuin?

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